About Wedding Readings

In the past wedding readings were quite restrictive - a passage from the Bible or some other weighty tome, but now with licensed venues for weddings, civil ceremonies and partnerships; the wealth and breadth of wedding readings has increased no end. It is no longer only the guys that get to make speeches either, and often now the bride might like to undertake a reading or poem of her own. A poem instead of reading can make a welcome change, especially a tailor-made poem that reflects the happy couple perfectly. With bespoke poetry and prose The Wedding Poet can put the fun, romance and uniqueness back into your wedding reading.

green loveheartWhen thinking about wedding readings it's important to think not only who they are about but also who will be reading them out. Some people are excellent at delivering humour, others are better at poems or prose of a more serious nature. When Kate, The Wedding Poet, writes personalised poems and readings for weddings she ensures she finds out all she can about the couple in question and also about the person who will be doing the reading. With the help The Wedding Poet you can make your wedding readings as special as the day itself.

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